As Twin Eagle Leasehold Gathering expands its producer service business to key energy markets throughout North America, we remain focused on reliability, value and customer service upon which we built our reputation.

By providing comprehensive infrastructure and a deep understanding of the North American oil markets through in-depth fundamental analysis, this enables us to maximize the value of the producers’ supply through effective marketing. And because of this, Twin Eagle enjoys many long-term producer and refiner relationships.

Twin Eagle’s dedicated team offers decades of experience in the intricacies of today’s competitive markets in crude oil operations, distribution and pricing. This team provides creative solutions for market flexibility by having a multiple asset base.

Twin Eagle engages in the acquisition of crude oil in North Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and West Texas directly at the well head. Our services include marketing (averaging more than 50,000 BPD through 18 truck unload stations), terminal and storage assets, trucking, pipeline capacity, and producer services such as lease aggregation and transportation options.

With respect to marketing and the transportation of crude, Twin Eagle offers a wide array of services that differentiate us from our peers within the industry:


  • Purchasing crude oil at the wellhead in Rocky Mountain and West Texas regions
  • Trading bulk volumes at the major trading hubs
  • Capability to import/export crude oil with Canada
  • Strong refiner relationships in the Rocky Mountain, Texas and Midcontinent regions
  • Producer hedging and storage options
  • Own and operate 140 crude oil trucks
  • Optionality in crude oil supply choices, term, and price
  • Back office and division order services
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