Twin Eagle’s wholesale power marketing services are delivered by a strong commercial team with the market knowledge, solid operations, and strong focus on relationships that are necessary to deliver sustainable value to its customers. Twin Eagle has a presence throughout the major U.S. power markets with more than 12,000 MW (megawatts) under management, and offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet the needs of electric load and generation customers. Twin Eagle combines excellent energy management and optimization expertise with a reputation for integrity and exceptional service, making us a leader in the industry among our peers.

Twin Eagle’s power platform includes:

Energy Management Services

  • Generators
    • Energy Management Services
    • 24 Hour Real-time operations desk
    • Transmission analysis
    • Environmental  services
    • Compliance focus & audit support
    • Risk analysis & reporting
    • Dedicated energy manager
    • Fuel management (gas, coal)
  • Retailers
    • Supply management
    • Customized product pricing
    • Load forecasting
    • Ancillary services & RECs

Wholesale Marketing & Origination

  • Tolling and power purchase agreements
  • Load profile products
  • Creativity in meeting customer needs
  • Physical and financial energy hedges
  • Ancillary services and capacity
  • Renewable energy and RECs
  • Fuel expertise valuable to power customers