Producer Services

Natural gas producers want to get the best value for their supply. In order to do that, you need to have a clear and focused strategy. The problem is that many companies don’t have the expertise or customer base to optimize their production. We believe that not partnering with the right marketing company can lead to bad decisions and missed opportunities that will ultimately affect your company’s bottom line. We understand that finding the best markets for your supply can be challenging, which is why over 200 producers trust us to market their natural gas.

    So, call us today to get started. Stop feeling like you are not getting the best value and missing opportunities in the market and finally take control of your natural gas marketing strategy.

    Producer Services

    • Marketing
    • Asset Management
    • Structuring
    • Analytics
    • Access To Large Customer Base
    3 steps
    3 steps

    The Twin Eagle Advantage

    Financial Team

    Experienced team with a track record of profitability for our customers


    Vertical integration lets us manage optionality against our assets

    cross commodity

    Cross-commodity products include natural gas, crude oil, power, and environmental


    Established relationships with producers, consumers and marketers


    Market reputation for integrity, reliability and responsiveness